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Crutial Guidelines for Obtaining a W-2 from Your Previous Employer

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Regardless of whether or not taxes make your head to spin when you think about them, they are a decisive part of living in today's society. In case you have switched your job recently, and you have the desire to know the ultimate guide on how to get a W-2 from your previous earlier employer, below are some of them.

Wage of the statement in short form; it is called W-2, is the compensation you tend to receive from your earlier boss over a year. As an employee, you tend to receive this form, at the beginning of the year. Basically, W-2 outlines of you owe tax money off if you will get a tax refund. Thus, it is highly recommendable to have W-2 for the sake of determining your earnings. Apart from getting a summary of your compensation, W-2 shows the amount of money you have contributed to your retirement plan, what you paid for your retirement plan as well as if you made any other deductions.

Reaching out to your former employer is the first critical tip for getting a W-2 from him or her. You are recommended to consider asking the representative of your former HR, for a copy. Ensure you have issued them with the correct address. On the other hand, you can obtain your W-2 by contacting your payroll administrator. Check How To Get W2 From old job to learn more.

To obtain a W-2 form; you may need to call the IRS which makes it easy for you. If the rest of the methods fail, you do not have to worry. You can go directly to Uncle Sam who will ask you all the necessary details regarding your employer. IT may also be necessary to give the details of your payments as well as benefits. It may also be essential for you to locate the Employers Identification Number which makes it simple for everyone. In the pay stub that is in the form you got the previous year, you can find the employers number. From there the employer will be contacted by the IRS and asked to avail the missing form. After this, they will ask you to fill a form known as form 4852. Check Get w2 from previous employer for more info.

Filling your taxes is also another way of obtaining a W-2 form from your former boss. Your taxes are still due in the 15th of April regardless of the time you receive your W2. This means that you may be forced to estimate your holdings as well as earnings to complete your return on time. The IRS gives a room to use form 4852 instead of W2. Te scenarios that would make the IRS allow you to use forms 4852 as alternatives are failure of your boss to give the W2 forms or giving the wring details. Visit for other references.